Verticals gardens

Verticals gardens

A vertical garden is an indoor vertical plant installation where different species are cultivated in a special structure and substrate to give the garden feel but in a vertical format. Combination and artistic composition of the plants gives great beauty to the wall where it is placed. A vertical garden can be installed on exterior walls of buildings, terraces and / or at balconies and interior walls.

Benefits vertical garden:

  • Reduces insulation and increases building heat efficiency, reducing up to 5 degrees the temperature inside the building in summer and in winter preserve warm . ( Hoyano Akira (Professor , Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Improves acoustic isolation up to 10 db and noise pollution reduces  ( Hoyano Akira (Professor , Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Improvves building structure protection
  • Enable and decorate walls and / or urban walls that are not used, increasing the landscaped floorspace
  • Provides freshness to urban areas , reducing the heat island effect inside the cities
  • Increases the biodiversity in urban areas
  • 1m2 or vertical garden generates enough oxygen for one person for one year 
  • A 4-storey building with a facade of this carrier system is able to catch and process 15 kg of heavy metal and 40 tons of harmful gases for 1 year 
  • Improves long-term waterproofing , which increases its life 8-10 years reducing the effects caused by UVA
  • when a located inside of buildings, improves performance and reduces discomfort, promote concentration and performance , increase humidity and air purity , absorbing pollutants. (A vertical garden 1m2 130 grams of powder absorbs year and generates oxygen necessary for one person per one year)
Redueix el consum d'aiguaFes del teu jardí o terrassa un espai sostenible i ecològic.

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