Treatment plant health ECO

Treatment plant health ECO

Following our philosophy of respecting the environment,we use plants to cure plants: from manure to plant extracts, biological control, and other natural methods we have learned from the experience and recovering traditional methods without the use of chemicals.


  • Too much irrigation and / or fertilizer
  • Lack of nutrients
  • The substrate is not suitable
  • Poor design of the garden and was not taken into account the brightness , frequency and amount of irrigation needs of users
  • Climatology
  • Bad pruning
  • Etc. …
Redueix el consum d'aiguaFes del teu jardí o terrassa un espai sostenible i ecològic.

Som professionals especialistes en dissenyar espais acollidors apropant la natura a casa teva o a la teva oficina.

Informa't ara de com et podem ajudar a mantenir el teu jardí viu davant la sequera.