Gardens sustainables

Gardens sustainables

Many times we let ourselves be influenced by the presentation of a garden in a magazine, and we do not think what are it´s advantages or disadvantages. We often find customers who realize that maintenance cost is much higher that initially expected and they abandon the garden maintenance activities.

To avoid this we recommend to transform your garden into a sustainable garden where all are advantages : less water consumption, reduced maintenance cost , low power consumption , less or zero pesticide use , more bloom throughout the year , etc.

In order to improve the sostainibility of a garden, we first visit it and understand it´s possibilities, and then we preparean improvement and migration plan.

Redueix el consum d'aiguaFes del teu jardí o terrassa un espai sostenible i ecològic.

Som professionals especialistes en dissenyar espais acollidors apropant la natura a casa teva o a la teva oficina.

Informa't ara de com et podem ajudar a mantenir el teu jardí viu davant la sequera.