Ecologicals gardens

Ecologicals gardens

We see an increasing concern of eating healthy and organic and therefore more and more customers have decided to create an ecological urban garden in a corner of their garden, terrace or balcony. The benefits are many : can grow what they like, always fresh: from the farm to the table, maturation and plant growth: increase the quality and taste, more healthy, natural and nutritious food, education towards smaller children .. .

Sòlverd, we can advise how build your organic garden and also we can maintain the at so you, just to pick of the fruits and vegetables.

Redueix el consum d'aiguaFes del teu jardí o terrassa un espai sostenible i ecològic.

Som professionals especialistes en dissenyar espais acollidors apropant la natura a casa teva o a la teva oficina.

Informa't ara de com et podem ajudar a mantenir el teu jardí viu davant la sequera.