Design of gardens

Design of gardens

The main objective is to satisfy the needs and tastes of users fulfilling the bases of sustainable garden: minimum water consumption , proper irrigation needs of vegetation, use of Mediterranean climate plants and subsequent minimal maintenance.

We maintain a direct relationship with the customer : we listen , understand, advise , exchange ideas and finally create a harmonious design , nice and comfortable garden. We prepare a budget by each garden section, and an implementation plan to be discussed with each customer. We do not charge for this budget preparation.

                        Our gardens consume about 70 % less water than a conventional garden

Redueix el consum d'aiguaFes del teu jardí o terrassa un espai sostenible i ecològic.

Som professionals especialistes en dissenyar espais acollidors apropant la natura a casa teva o a la teva oficina.

Informa't ara de com et podem ajudar a mantenir el teu jardí viu davant la sequera.